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Antigonish Jackson is a character in the second season of Canadian Boys.


Antigonish is a 20-year-old man of White Scottish Canadian heritage. He has brown hair and dark brown eyes. He wears a ruby-red jacket buttoned in the middle with a pale pink collared shirt underneath, a red tartan kilt fastened with a belt, burgundy ribbons and black gillie shoes with white cotton socks beneath. Antigonish has a teenage nephew named Arisaig.


Antigonish has a very short temper. He can get angry for the tiniest thing, and anybody who is unlucky enough to be in his way when he is having a raging fit will run a gauntlet of physical and verbal abuse, sometimes causing severe injury. He does not care about how much damage he dishes out and the short- and long-term repercussions that follow, which can be devastating. He feels an inkling of satisfaction whenever he takes it all out on something or someone, no matter how hard they come down.

Antigonish is fiercely proud of his Scottish roots, and he carries some bagpipes with him to play outdoors, resulting in a somewhat amusing image with him furiously squeezing out high notes for the pleasure of people's musical gusto.



  • The name 'Antigonish' is of Mi'kmaq origin, roughly translating to "the place where bears tear off branches to gather beechnuts". However, his name was most likely chosen to sound like "antagonist" or "anguish", matching his near-constant anger.
  • Antigonish has the same initials as his nephew Arisaig - AJ (Antigonish/Arisaig Jackson), suggesting close relations in their clans.