Aulac Beausejour is a character in the Canadian Boys in-universe children's TV and book series Sackville Sailor.

Biology Edit

Aulac is a 21-year-old cadet sailor of White English Canadian heritage, although he has been serving in the Navy for 4 years prior to the events of the series. He has brown hair and dark blue eyes. He wears a navy-blue Naval uniform with a Prussian-blue collar and epaulettes, a metallic-blue sailor's hat and a pair of black-and-dark azure shoes with revealing holes in the top. He often works with fellow cadet sailors Sackville and Oromocto, and so they are frequently seen together as a trio. He is of a higher rank than Oromocto and Sackville (although due to winning a medal, Oromocto may technically be promoted in rank).

Personality Edit

Aulac has the most Naval knowledge out of the 'main' trio, so he often uses this to help Sackville and Oromocto out if they ever get stumped on something or run into problems. However, while Oromocto specializes in giving out useful advice to Sackville, Aulac is more of a commander, giving out any orders to him on behalf of the Captain. This especially shows in the Season 1 episode Sackville's Bad Day, where he tried (unsuccessfully) to coerce Sackville into carrying out the daily cleaning routine.

Because of being more 'in the know' about life in the Navy, Aulac has often had to go to Sackville and Oromocto's rescue if they get caught up in emergencies like heavy storms or crashing into obstacles - in the Season 2 episode Operation Oromocto, he had to finish off Oromocto's job of rectifying an emergency as Oromocto found out he wasn't quite up to scratch with his emergency training. Aulac is on friendly terms with the Captain, whom he always receives orders from to give out to the other sailors.

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Due to appearing frequently alongside Sackville and Oromocto, Aulac has appeared in a majority of the episodes throughout the series. He is also set to appear in the upcoming movie.

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