British Columbia Kokanee is a character in the Canadian Boys spin-off series The Provinces & Territories Show.

Biology Edit

British Columbia is a 16-year-old boy of White English Canadian and one-eighth First Nations (Nootka) heritage. He has Vandyke-brown hair and dark teal eyes. He wears a bright turquoise outfit with a navy blue padded vest-jacket opened in the middle, and a pair of laced sea-green boots.

Personality Edit

Despite being a senior high school student, British Columbia is something of a goofball and a butterfingers, tripping up, falling and dropping things at the most unfortunate times. His scalp frequently itches, resulting in much head-scratching and hair-washing.

Quotes Edit

  • "Oh, sorry, Alberta."
  • "Look, I'm sorry, okay?"
  • "Oh, I am so, so, SO sorry!"
  • "Heh... I guess."
  • "Excuse me."


Trivia Edit

  • He is modelled on Vancouver from Canadian Boys.
  • His last name, Kokanee, is a breed of salmon which is native to the Pacific Northwest coast of North America.