Campbell MacInnis is a character in the fifth season of Canadian Boys.

Biology Edit

Campbell is a 26-year-old man of White English and Scottish Canadian heritage. He has brown hair and light hazel eyes. He wears a deep red jacket with a hot pink collared shirt underneath, a bright red tartan kilt fastened with a belt, and black gillie shoes with white cotton socks inside. He performs with his fellow fiddlers Judique and Lime Hill as a fiddling trio at ceilidhs and Highland Games around the city.

Personality Edit

Campbell is genial and peaceful, but he is easily irritated. If he is pushed to the limit, he becomes awfully furious and starts shouting at the top of his voice, cursing and slamming his fist down on hard surfaces, like a table. His biggest turn-off is Judique's habit of breaking wind at awkward moments, always calling him out whenever he 'lets one rip'.

Once Upon a Time in Canada Edit

Main article: Once Upon a Time in Canada

Together with his bandmates Judique and Lime Hill, Campbell made his debut in the second Canadian Boys movie, Once Upon a Time in Canada (at the time, they were unnamed). At the Denoon family's housewarming party, he helps Judique to retrieve his fiddle after it was stolen off him by Culloden. He makes his authority very clear by shouting and slamming the table with his fist, making everybody jump with shock.

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