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The Canadian Beach is the largest beach in the city of Canada. It is a vast stretch of golden-yellow sand to the east of the city, with a boardwalk jutting out into the sea containing a mini amusement park, colourful beach huts lining the shore, and several food and market stalls.


The Canadian Beach stretches out over much of the eastern seaboard of the city, about 10 kilometres (6 miles) from north to south. It is a soft-sand beach, with some rocks and giant boulders at the more remote ends.


Being beside the sea, various forms of marine life call the Canadian Beach home, such as crabs, lobsters, seagulls and even mussels. Occasionally, bigger animals such as whales and dolphins venture close to the shore, often being viewed by whalewatchers on chartered boats sailing out from the harbour. Sea snails and worms are common sightings on the beach, their shells and trails being spotted by beachcombers.


The Canadian Beach has appeared in almost every episode, but mostly in summer-set episodes, where it is frequently packed with vacationers, swimmers, lifeguards, sailors and fishermen. In the winter, it has been shown to freeze over, with the sand becoming almost slush-like in appearance and texture.

It also makes an appearance in the 2017 video game Freddy for Action, where it can be traversed and battles can be fought. In version 1.1, the sea cannot be swum in (only stepped into), but the version 1.2 update in January 2018 adds the Swimming skill to all three playable characters, as well as adding swimwear to the available clothes and accessories, and thus allowing swimming in the sea. Treasures such as seashells can be collected and used to equip the team or sold to make money.