The Canadian Forest is the largest forest in the city of Canada.

Geography Edit

The Canadian Forest is vastly spread over much of the northeastern section of the city. It is comprised of thousands of trees of various species, mainly pine, spruce and maple.

Wildlife Edit

The Canadian Forest is home to what could be considered the classics of Canadian wildlife: beavers, bears, moose, lynx, loons, raccoons and squirrels. Small ponds scattered throughout the forest are also populated with ducks, geese and other waterfowl of different kinds. At nighttime, owls can be heard hooting and foxes barking from inside the depths, especially by people who live in the immediate vicinity.

Appearances Edit

The Canadian Forest usually appears as a backdrop throughout most episodes, but it has been the setting of a few.

The Canadian Forest is the main setting of the side-quest Forest Greens and Blues in the 2017 video game Freddy for Action. Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver venture into it during their travels through the city, only for Vancouver to wander off and get lost in the woods. Toronto and Montreal must go out of their way to find him before darkness falls.


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