The Canadian Mall is the largest shopping mall in the city of Canada. It is a frequent hangout for many young citizens looking to splash out with their cash or just catch up over some fast food and fizzy drinks.

Layout Edit

Outside Edit

  • Car park
  • Bus stops
  • Outdoor food stalls
  • Mini fairground
  • Mini play area

First floor Edit

  • Pharmacare
  • Canadian Home Store
  • Canadian Supermarket
  • Poppetot
  • Silveen Styles
  • Lottery stalls

Second floor Edit

  • Super Shoes
  • Sailing the Seas
  • Roots
  • Island Gear
  • Canadian Crafts
  • Make & Bake
  • Mountain Men

Third floor Edit

  • Terrific T's
  • Racking Up
  • Future Electric
  • Home Entertainment Store
  • Get Your Game On
  • Looka-Book

Fourth floor Edit

  • Poochy Koochy
  • Something Fishy (inside Poochy Koochy)
  • Rock My Body
  • Canadian Cosmetics
  • Beatz of the Streetz

Fifth floor Edit

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