Lakeville MacNaughton, popularly known as The Captain, is a character in the Canadian Boys in-universe children's TV series Sackville Sailor. He is the supporting protagonist of the show alongside Sackville, Oromocto and Aulac.

Biology Edit

The Captain, as his name implies, is the captain of the HMCS Glacier Navy ship. He is a 29-year-old man of White English Canadian heritage, with brown hair and dark blue eyes. His naval uniform is mostly in shades of blue, his captain's hat being white with a gold anchor motif and a black visor, the cuffs of his jacket in sea turquoise, and his shoes in black-blue and black with revealing holes in the top. He is the highest-ranked member of the crew of the HMCS Glacier, and he gives orders to the rest of the crew, particularly Aulac, whom he is on good terms with.

Personality Edit

Being the highest-ranked figure of authority onboard the HMCS Glacier, the Captain is somewhat stern, occasionally getting very angry if the sailors do not listen to his commands or become defiant. This became especially prominent in the first-season episode Sackville's Bad Day, where he finally lost his patience with Sackville for continually rebelling against him and gave him a harsh shouting-at in front of all the other to give them an example. This did not go down too well with Sackville, and he dashed off to his dorm in tears of humiliation. Later on, the Captain realized he'd hurt Sackville emotionally, and he felt pitiful and apologetic for both himself and Sackville.

Outside of his Naval duties, the Captain shows a much jollier side to him, hosting social gatherings for the sailors to sing sea shanties and enjoy a few drinks.

Appearances Edit

As the boss of the HMCS Glacier, the Captain has appeared in every episode to date. He is also set to appear in the upcoming movie.

A few episodes have focused on the Captain as a whole:

  • What's the Captain's Name? (Season 4): His real name, Lakeville MacNaughton, was revealed in this episode. While he was being spoken to, Sackville caught sight of it on a wooden nameplate on the Captain's desk.

Trivia Edit

  • The Captain's real first name, Lakeville, is derived from a tiny community just to the east of the much bigger city of Moncton, New Brunswick.
  • His real name was revealed in the Season 4 episode What the Captain's Name? (see above). However, even after this revelation, he is still called "The Captain" in official media and merchandise for the show.
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