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Drumheller Ardenode is a character from the fifth season of Canadian Boys. He has become a sort of new villain for the series.


Drumheller is a 33-year-old man of White English Canadian heritage, though due to spending many hours out in the sweltering sun, he has developed a slightly deep tan. He has dark brown hair and dark blue eyes. He wears a sky-blue collared polo shirt with a light blue neckscarf, a pair of bright azure jean shorts with the hems rolled up and tied with a light ocean-blue sash, and a pair of hard dark beige boots.

Drumheller works as a geologist and archaeologist, digging for minerals, ores and other interesting finds such as ancient ruins and fossils. He usually carries a shovel around with him.


Drumheller is highly competitive and somewhat self-absorbed. Whenever he finds something unexpected, he will make a mad rush to get it sold for potentially millions of dollars. He does not like other people finding things before him, and will always try to take the credit for it if that does happen.

Because of his selfishness and materialism, Drumheller has come to be seen as something of a villain, even getting called the "new Fredericton". He does not care if a precious mine is located under someone's house or garden, and he sometimes excavates their entire plot of land for even a tiny crystal or piece of jewellery, causing much outrage and protest.

Freddy for Action[]

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Drumheller makes an appearance in the 2017 video game Freddy for Action, where he is the fifth boss to be battled (not including repeat encounters of previous bosses). Being a geologist and archaeologist in the series, his attacks are mostly earth-based, such as throwing sand into the heroes' faces to reduce their accuracy - but he also uses melee moves like hitting them with his shovel, or kicking with his hard boots.


  • "To me, 'golddigger' isn't an insult. It's a compliment!"
  • (discovering an underground mine under someone's house, feigning an apology) "I'm terribly sorry, but there's a mine of treasure under your house, and I must dig down to it."

Freddy for Action[]

  • (encountered in boss battle) "I'm going to dig you all up and pawn you off like precious jewels!"
  • (about to throw sand into Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver's faces) "Take this, sand in your eyes!"
  • (upon defeat) "Argh, you could've been great auction pieces."