Canadian Boys: Freddy for Action, or simply Freddy for Action, is a video game in the Canadian Boys franchise. It was released on November 18, 2017.

Premise Edit

Players play as either Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver (the others will always join the team) as they venture forth into the urban depths, where Fredericton and his gang of villains plan to unleash their treacherous acts of havoc to shake, wake and break up the relative peace of the city of Canada.

Mechanics Edit

The game is played out in a 2.5D environment, using an RPG style of exploration, equipping and battling. Characters are rendered with a chibi-like appearance.

Encounters are semi-random; the player can freely explore without having to worry about unexpected battles, giving time to heal up or equip certain items. Clothes and accessories can be changed to freshen up the player characters' looks and boost their stats or power.

Upon entering a battle, each character uses their turn to attack or use an item, as with most RPGs. Health bars are always shown above the characters as well as at the bottom of the screen, cycling through green (optimal), amber (half) and red (danger). If a character is knocked unconscious - i.e. their health drops all the way down to zero - they will be unable to battle, but can be 'revived'. Characters can also become afflicted with status conditions, or increase their stats through certain moves or items.

Characters Edit

Items Edit

For a full list of items and what they do, see Freddy for Action: Items.

Clothes and accessories Edit

For a full list of clothes and accessories and what they do, see Freddy for Action: Clothes and Accessories.

Updates Edit

One update has been rolled out for the game so far.

January 2018 update Edit

This update:

  • Adds the Swimming skill to all three player characters
  • Adds swimwear to the available clothes and accessories
  • Allows swimming in water bodies, such as the sea at the Canadian Beach

Trivia Edit

  • The game's name is derived from a shortened form of Fredericton and a pun on the phrase "ready for action".
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