Goffs Derrington is a character in the first season of Canadian Boys. He is the first blind character in the series.

Biology Edit

Goffs is a 36-year-old man of White English Canadian heritage. He has brown hair. He is blind in both eyes and wears dark sunglasses to cover them up, so it is currently unknown what colour his eyes are. He wears a black suit, trousers and laced shoes and carries a dark walking stick to help him find his way around. He is aided by a (currently unnamed) supervisor, who helps him with daily tasks. Goffs uses Braille to read and uses audio description when watching TV or using a computer.

Personality Edit

Being totally blind, Goffs is a little clumsy-footed and will often collide with things while trying to make his way somewhere. He finds tasks which many people take for granted daunting, as he has to work without the use of sight.