House of Canada is a nightly variety/comedy/chat TV series in the Canadian Boys universe. Though somewhat recent in comparison to shows such as Sackville Sailor and Secondary School by the Sea, it has nevertheless garnered a huge following amongst citizens of the City of Canada, and it is now the most popular show on COCBC, with millions tuning in every night to get their evening entertainment fix.

Premise Edit

House of Canada is presented in the style of a theatre variety show, blending various forms of entertainment such as cartoons, stand-up comedy, chat show and magic tricks. Since the first series, it has been hosted by Ottawa (who is himself the protagonist of the Canadian Boys franchise).

Regular features Edit

The Guests For Tonight Edit

Every episode opens with establishing shots and mid-closeups of selected guests in the audience, introduced by Ottawa. These are usually Canadian Boys characters, though they may also be in-universe famous figures or characters from shows with a similar theme to Canadian Boys.

Canadian Cartoons Edit

Possibly the most well-known regular feature on the show, this segment consists of a cartoon scripted, animated and directed by the House of Canada in-house animation studios. Cartoons are often humorous, though some are presented more like public service announcements (PSAs), which are aired at certain times of the year (such as an alcohol PSA at Christmas or a sun safety PSA in the summertime), or during significant disasters.

Musical Mayhem Edit

Songs and musical numbers performed by the House of Canada band, special guests, or sometimes the audience and Ottawa. The songs are usually about Canada, its provinces and cities, or City-of-Canadian institutions and culture, though some are parodies of songs in the real world.

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