It's A Nova Scotia Thing is a short story in the Canadian Boys book series. It is set during the timeframe of the second season of the TV series.

Premise Edit

The story follows Bracebridge as he is introduced by his (at the time) new boyfriend Sambro to the "Nova Scotian way of life" (not related to the in-universe reality TV series of the same name). Being from Ontario, this 'closer to nature' lifestyle seems to take him a little by surprise for his city manners, but Sambro's charm rubs onto him and he sees the benefits of living more naturally.

Plot Edit

As a form of introducing himself more broadly, Sambro decides to present his 'clan' (extended family) to Bracebridge so he can get even closer to him. Bracebridge obviously agrees, wondering if they'll share Sambro's Scottish Canadian heritage and birthplace of Nova Scotia.

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Trivia Edit

  • Due to being set during the second season of the Canadian Boys TV series, Springhill is absent as he was introduced in the third season. This may make some people wonder why Amherst is single.