Jollimore Ferrison is a character and the main protagonist of the Canadian Boys in-universe comedy/drama TV series Secondary School by the Sea.

Biology Edit

Jollimore is a 26-year-old teacher of White English Canadian heritage. He has brown hair and light hazel eyes. He usually wears a black suit with a white-and-light orange striped tie and a white collared shirt underneath, and a pair of black laced shoes. He is nearly always seen carrying his suitcase in his left hand, just like his fellow teacher Dartmouth.

Personality Edit

Jollimore is optimistic and cheerful, always looking on the bright side of life - a stark contrast to Dartmouth's pessimism and violent tendencies. He loves to teach his students as they get on the most with him. Although he is full of joy, Jollimore does know when he should act seriously, such as when visiting Dartmouth in hospital after a (failed) murder attempt on him by the students.

Jollimore's philosophy of always finding the positives in life make him the target of hate from Dartmouth, who always complains about his do-gooding and positive thinking as being "a load of New Age malarkey" and keeps telling him to "wake up and smell the coffee". Jollimore, however, will always cheerfully disregard him and tell others that everything will turn out alright in the end.

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  • Jollimore is named for a district in the western region of the city of Halifax, the provincial capital of Nova Scotia. It is now part of the neighbourhood of Armdale. This name may have been chosen for him as it almost contains the word 'jolly', matching up with his cheerfulness and optimistic outlook, to contrast with Dartmouth's 'dark' habits and persona.
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