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Judique Glencoe-Mills is a character in the fifth season of Canadian Boys. Originally a movie-exclusive character appearing in Once Upon a Time in Canada alongside his bandmates Campbell and Lime Hill, he was later adopted as a permanent cast member for the main series.


Judique is a 25-year-old man of White Scottish Canadian/Irish Canadian/Acadian heritage, reflecting his Cape Breton Island upbringing - the effect of which can be heard in his very strong 'Caper' brogue when he speaks. He has brown hair and chartreuse eyes. He wears a light yellow collared shirt with a yellow tartan kilt fastened with a belt and white cotton socks in black gillie shoes, reflecting the Scottish portion of his ancestry. Naturally, hailing from the 'fiddling capital' of Cape Breton, he alongside his bandmates devotes himself to the musical art of playing the fiddle.


Judique is a little of a 'happy chappy'. No matter what's happening, he always seems to be smiling, although of course sometimes he is sad or angry. He is easily embarrassed and can be overly apologetic, and "Sorry" seems to be a favourite word of his.


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  • Judique is of Scottish, Irish and Acadian descent, reflecting the ethnic fabric of Cape Breton Island (where he and his bandmates hail from) and explaining his strong 'Caper' twang when he speaks. This makes him the first Canadian Boys character to be all three of these simultaneously.