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Laval De Blainville is a character in the first season of Canadian Boys. Along with Gatineau, she is the first French Canadian villain of the series.


Laval is a 14-year-old girl (the same age as Montreal, of whom she is the prime pursuer) of White French Canadian heritage. She has brown hair and purple eyes, which sparkle brightly if she sees Montreal. She wears a fuchsia-pink dress with a slash partially up both sides tied with a dark pink sash, colour-coordinated shorts underneath, a bright pink headband and a pair of black high-heels (in a similar fashion to Regina). Her father is named Dorval, while her mother is currently unknown. She is bilingual in both English and French, often mixing the two languages together when she speaks.


Laval is sneaky and mischievous, never giving up in her pursuit of winning Montreal's love and attention, which he greatly disapproves of. She can become very upset with frustration if she doesn't succeed in catching Montreal, bawling uncontrollably when Montreal tells her he does not want to be her boyfriend.

Freddy for Action[]

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Laval is a quarternary antagonist in the 2017 video game Freddy for Action, where she is the fourth boss to be battled, and later again with Gatineau in a three-on-two battle. She can be a dangerous adversary, especially for Montreal, who is weak to her covetting and unwanted romantic advances.


  • (in French, spying on Montreal) "Ah! Mon Montreal!"

Freddy for Action[]

  • (first boss battle, to Montreal) "Just you wait, Montreal. Soon you'll be mine et just mine!"
  • (in French, upon first defeat) "Wah! Ce n'est pas juste!"
  • (in French, defeating Montreal) "Ha! Montreal est à moi!"
  • (defeating the three heroes) "With you trois down, Montreal will finally be my boyfriend... And he's going to enjoy every second of it!"
  • (second boss battle with Gatineau, to Montreal) "Oh s'il vous plait, mon doux Montreal, won't you come with moi?"