Lime Hill Marblemount is a character in the fifth season of Canadian Boys.

Biology Edit

Lime Hill is a 23-year-old man of White Scottish Canadian/Irish Canadian heritage. He has brown hair and light green eyes. He wears a dark emerald-green jacket with a bright lime-green collared shirt underneath, a pale lime-green tartan kilt fastened with a belt, and black gillie shoes with white cotton socks inside. He plays the fiddle alongside his bandmates Judique and Campbell as a trio.

Personality Edit

Lime Hill is good-natured and tranquil. He can still get a little annoyed by people or things that tick him off - most notably Judique's habit of breaking wind at awkward times - but his serene tendencies mean he doesn't get as angry as Campbell.

Once Upon a Time in Canada Edit

Main article: Once Upon a Time in Canada

Lime Hill made his debut in the second Canadian Boys movie, Once Upon a Time in Canada, along with his bandmates Judique and Campbell (at that time unnamed). He sits alongside them at the Denoon family's housewarming dinner, and aids Campbell in retrieving Judique's stolen fiddle from Culloden.

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