Manic Monday is an episode of the Canadian Boys in-universe comedy/drama TV series Secondary School by the Sea.

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Dartmouth and Jollimore wake up one day to find that they're wearing each other's suits - and have each other's personalities.

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One morning, Dartmouth and Jollimore both wake up to find out that they are wearing each other's suits - and have now swapped personalities: Dartmouth is much more joyful and optimistic, while Jollimore is darker and pessimistic. Things also go right for Dartmouth and wrong for Jollimore, where it would usually be the opposite - Dartmouth's shower is just the right temperature, but Jollimore's is boiling hot and scalds him, for example.

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  • This episode's title is a parody of Freaky Friday due to Dartmouth and Jollimore swapping each other's bodies and personalities around.
  • Manic Monday is also the name of a 1986 song by the American pop-rock band The Bangles.