Medicine Hat Cooper is a character in the first season of Canadian Boys.

Biology Edit

Medicine Hat is a man in his 30s of White English Canadian and one-eighth First Nations (Blackfoot) heritage. He has brown hair and light green eyes. He wears a burgundy suit with coattails, a black bowtie with colour-coordinated ribbons and a lime-green hat on his head, alluding to the quaint nature of his name.

Medicine Hat is a resident comedian on the popular in-universe variety TV show House of Canada, where he makes the audience laugh themselves silly with jokes and skits.

Personality Edit

Naturally, being a comedian, Medicine Hat has a great sense of humour and talent for storytelling. He can instil fear in unsuspecting 'victims' simply by pointing his cane at them, and any unwanted guests on the show can be taken care of by him, whacking the intruder into making a rightly-needed exit off the stage.