Mitchell Arthur is a character in the third season of Canadian Boys.

Biology Edit

Mitchell is a 15-year-old boy of White Scottish/English Canadian heritage. He has tightly-curled ginger hair, ginger freckles peppered across his face, and light hazel eyes.

Mitchell is wheelchair-confined, relying on others to help him get around. He does not have a voice, so he uses a special system of graphical symbols with matching words as a means of communicating his needs and desires. While he can use the bathroom with assistance and aids, he does have the occasional accident.

Personality Edit

Mitchell endears all those who meet him and get to know him better, even without the ability to speak normally. He is frequently described by his peers as being a lovely young boy with a special kind of captivating charm that can soften hearts and minds.

Trivia Edit

  • Mitchell is the first Scottish Canadian character in Canadian Boys who is not from Nova Scotia.