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Montreal Pierre-Elliott Trudeau is a character from the first season of Canadian Boys. Along with his older brother, Quebec, he is the first French Canadian character in the franchise.


Montreal is a 14-year-old boy of White French Canadian heritage. He has brown hair and dark hazel eyes. He wears a Canadian flag outfit and a pair of black-and-ruby-red shoes with revealing holes in the top. Quebec is his older brother.

Being French Canadian, he is fluent in both English and French, although he speaks French more when he is with Quebec or on his own. He often mixes the two languages together when he speaks, resulting in a Quebecois dialect.

He is the targeted love interest of a girl named Laval, who is the same age as he is and will never stop in pursuing him in the hope of capturing him as her boyfriend.


Montreal is something of a softie, always telling Quebec (usually in French) that he loves him so much. He strongly disapproves of Laval's near-constant pursuing of him in her 'quest' to make Montreal her boyfriend, and he will start to cry if she just as so lightly brushes past him. His tough exterior hides this soft interior, however.

Freddy for Action[]

Main article: Freddy for Action

Montreal is a secondary protagonist in the 2017 video game Freddy for Action. He joins Toronto after hearing about Fredericton's plan to rampage through the city with his gang of villains. As in the series, Montreal is regularly pursued by Laval, and is very weak to her unwanted romantic advances, collapsing into blubbering tears when she catches him.


  • (in French, to Quebec) "Ah, mon frere, je t'aime..."
  • (in French, being chased by Laval) "Non, non, s'il vous plait!"

Freddy for Action[]

  • (in French, meeting Toronto) "Qu'est-ce? Whatever is it?"
  • (finding about Fredericton's plan) "Ah, Fredericton, eh? He could cause some big trouble to the city."
  • (in French, after joining Toronto) "Deux sont meilleur qu'un!"
  • (when Toronto meets Napanee and Deseronto) "Your mere et pere, eh, Toronto?"
  • (finding some treasure) "Ah ha! La richesse!"
  • (first battle as a party member) "Apportez-le!"
  • (preparing to use Tri-City Beam) "En garde!"
  • (being defeated) "Oh la la..."
  • (encountering Laval) "Mais non, non, non!"
  • (getting hit by Laval's advances) "Wah... S'il vous plait..."
  • (second encounter with Laval) "Non, non! Not you again, Laval!"
  • (being knocked out by Laval) "Mon pire cauchemar!"
  • (encountering Drumheller) "Mon Dieu!"
  • (after Vancouver gets lost in the forest) "Vancouver? Vancouver? Vancouver...? Oh non, non, non!"