Nanaimo Cowichan is a character in the first season of Canadian Boys. He is the assistant and sidekick of Fredericton, thus making him a villain of the series.

Biology Edit

Nanaimo is a 27-year-old man of White English Canadian ethnicity and one-eighth First Nations (Nootka) descent. He has brown hair and dark blue eyes. He wears a white long-sleeved shirt and navy blue jeans fastened with a belt, and a pair of black-and-sky blue shoes with holes in the top, revealing some of the skin on his feet.

Nanaimo mainly acts as a work partner for his 'boss' Fredericton at Fredericton's Fantastic Funhouse, although he never actually seems to do any tasks other than just watching over Fredericton (and irritating him). However, whenever Fredericton decides to become a villain and cause some trouble around the city, Nanaimo will often (but not always) join his pursuit of havoc.

Personality Edit

Nanaimo is mischievous and sneaky. He loves to employ the element of (nasty) surprise to make his mark and attack; a shout of "Nah-nah-nai!" (his catchphrase) is enough to send everybody in the vicinity running scared. He can be annoying, as Fredericton often finds out whenever he's on his shift.

Freddy for Action Edit

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Nanaimo is a secondary antagonist in the 2017 video game Freddy for Action, where he appears as an enemy in the first boss battle, and again in a three-on-two battle with Fredericton. Vancouver, being a prime victim of his in the series, is vulnerable to his cries of "Nah-nah-nai!" as well as being aggressively grabbed and yanked at in an attempt to kidnap him.

Quotes Edit

Freddy for Action Edit

  • (first boss encounter) "Nah-nah-nai! 'Tis me!"
  • (upon first defeat) "I said Nah... nah... nai."
  • (defeating Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver) "Nah-nah-nai! You got owned!"
  • (second boss encounter, with Fredericton) "Nah-nah-nai! We're back!"
  • (upon second defeat) "Even with the combined power of Freddy and me, we still couldn't beat you three."
  • (scaring Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver out of the forest) "NAH-NAH-NAIIIIIIIIIIIIII!"

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