New Brunswick Tobique is a character in the Canadian Boys spin-off series The Provinces & Territories Show. He acts as the main 'villain' of the show.

Biology Edit

New Brunswick is a 9-year-old boy of White English Canadian and one-quarter Acadian heritage, though he mostly speaks English. He has dark brown hair and light hazel eyes. His outfit is mostly bright orange, with a pair of two-toned shoes in black and amber.

New Brunswick acts as the series' 'villain', though he isn't actually malicious, but mischievous.

Personality Edit

New Brunswick loves to cause trouble, and he doesn't care if it disrupts other people's enjoyment of their day. However, he actually doesn't mean to cause any harm or upset.

Quotes Edit

  • "You're not gonna get me!" (catchphrase)

Trivia Edit

  • New Brunswick being a 'villain' is due to his home province also being Fredericton's, who is the villain of Canadian Boys.