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Parrsboro Jenkins is a character in the second season of Canadian Boys. He is the nephew of Joggins.


Parrsboro is a 6-year-old boy of White Scottish Canadian heritage. He has brown hair and light green eyes. He wears a dark green collared shirt, a green tartan kilt fastened with a belt, white cotton socks in black gillie shoes with dark lime-green ribbons, and a lavender bonnet. Though his parents are unknown, Parrsboro's uncle is Joggins, who takes some duties to care for him.


Parrsboro is very mischievous. He loves to cause trouble to his family, who often take his antics in good jest. One of his prime habits is swinging his kilt about to reveal his lilac panties underneath, a habit which he has developed into a dance routine popularly called the 'Parrsboro Dance', in which he swings himself from side to side and then shakes his backside vigorously.