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Pictou Denoon is a character from the first season of Canadian Boys.


Pictou is a 13-year-old boy of White Acadian Canadian ethnicity. He has brown hair and olive-green eyes. He wears an olive-green short-sleeved collared shirt, pale olive-green and dark olive-green striped frilled shorts fastened with a pair of suspenders, and black gillie socks with a pair of white cotton socks beneath. His parents are named Port Hawkesbury and Stellarton. Being of Acadian descent, Pictou speaks a combination of English and French, sometimes blending the two languages together.

Pictou suffers from severe incontinence caused by being delivered via breech birth, which severely damaged his bladder muscles to the point of being irreparable with surgery. He relieves himself at regular intervals, and so he needs to have his diaper changed frequently to keep him fresh and dry. His bladder condition has led to him being bullied almost daily, getting labelled with the derogatory descriptive nickname of "Stinko". Pictou's current pursuers are named Hantsport, Aspotogan and Stewiacke, who are hell-bent on making Pictou's life a misery at every opportunity they can catch.


Pictou is sweet and kind-hearted. He always tries to look on the bright side of life, even with all the problems he faces every day, and he loves to have a little day out and giggle with his family. However, he knows when to act in a serious and dignified manner.

Pictou is somewhat fearful, being prone to nervousness when faced with adversity and easily intimidated by bullies, like Stewiacke and his buddies Hantsport and Aspotogan. His nervousness often places pressure on his bladder, resulting in frequent wetting and embarrassment.

Once Upon a Time in Canada[]

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Pictou's life is the subject of the second Canadian Boys movie, Once Upon a Time in Canada. Beginning with his conception and birth in Nova Scotia, the film explores the bonds he forms with his parents and how he copes with his chronic bladder condition through growing up, school and moving house to a faraway place (the City of Canada). While Pictou struggles with his condition, he also manages to look at the brighter side and start to make a living for himself.