This article is about the character from The Provinces & Territories Show. For the character from Canadian Boys, see Quebec (Canadian Boys).

Quebec Saint-Laurent is a character from the Canadian Boys spin-off series The Provinces & Territories Show. He is the only French Canadian character in the cast.

Biology Edit

Quebec is an 18-year-old man of White French Canadian heritage. He has dark brown hair and dark blue eyes. He wears a patriotic outfit imprinted with the Quebecois flag, together with a pair of navy-blue boots.

Quebec is bilingual in both English and French, though he prefers to speak French more often due to his pride in his 'François' roots.

Personality Edit

Although he has a tough exterior, on the inside Quebec is as soft as a marshmallow. He can be easily upset by the tiniest offensive remark, especially if he perceives it as being directed towards him.

Trivia Edit

  • He appears to have had his personality modelled on Montreal from Canadian Boys.
  • His last name, Saint-Laurent, is the French transcription of St. Lawrence, the river which runs through Montreal and Quebec City out into the Atlantic Ocean.