Sackville's Bad Day is an episode of the Canadian Boys in-universe children's TV series Sackville Sailor.

Premise Edit

Oromocto and Aulac notice one day that Sackville doesn't quite seem to be acting his usual cheerful self. The other sailors and the Captain also notice Sackville being out of character, which concerns - and eventually angers - the Captain.

Plot Edit

One day aboard the HMCS Glacier, Oromocto and Aulac see Sackville pacing about on deck, looking grumpy. Noticing his irritated look, they comment on how he's not acting like his usually joyful character, and wonder what has caused him to act this way.

A few moments later, the Captain arrives on deck, calling all the sailors on for the salute. While the great majority of the sailors follow suit, Sackville - who usually enjoys this part of the day - does not. Oromocto notices Sackville not joining in, asking why he isn't doing the salute today. Sackville snaps back that he does not want to, but Oromocto remarks that it's his favourite part. Sackville suddenly storms off in a huff, alerting the Captain and the other sailors, but he pretends not to listen to the Captain sharply barking his name.

After the salute, the sailors carry out the next most important task of the day - cleaning the decks. Against Aulac's orders, Sackville repeatedly refuses to join in, complaining that it's "very boring". Aulac firmly states that it's a compulsory part of being a sailor, but Sackville storms off again in a smug defiance, making Aulac comment that he isn't his usual cheerful self today as he splashes more water onto the deck.

The rest of the day goes much the same way, with Sackville not joining in with anything the Captain or the other crew members tell him to do. The Captain becomes increasingly frustrated with Sackville, and he calls him over for “a word”. The other sailors gather on the deck as the Captain reels off a long rant at Sackville, berating him for his uncooperativeness and his betrayal of his principles of always helping others.

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  • This episode is notable for being the first ever in the series to portray Sackville crying.
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