Sherbrooke Saint-Germain is a character from the first season of Canadian Boys.

Biology Edit

Sherbrooke is a 34-year-old man of White French Canadian heritage. He has Vandyke-brown hair and dark hazel eyes. He works as an artist, and so he usually wears an apron tied around his waist over his clothes, which is splattered with paint splotches in all the colours of the rainbow.

He is bilingual in both English and French, although he tends to speak French a little more often than English as he believes it will make him more of an artist in the vein of such famous figures as Claude Monet.

Personality Edit

Naturally, being an artist, Sherbrooke possesses great imagination and talent for creating artistic masterpieces. He regularly experiments with differing art styles to avoid monotony, and he even goes abstract sometimes, letting paint freely drip and splash all over the canvas.