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Springhill Horton is a character in the third season of Canadian Boys. He is the husband of Amherst.


Springhill is a 29-year-old man of White Scottish Canadian heritage. He has brown hair and dark green eyes. He wears a pale lime-green collared shirt under a dark forest-green jacket, a dark green tartan kilt and a sporran fastened with a belt, black gillie shoes with white cotton socks inside, and a dark emerald-green bonnet with a dark grass-green bobble. He frequently uses his sporran as a purse to store money, small foods or other miniature things.

Springhill has been married to Amherst since the eighth season of the series.


Springhill is calm and mild-mannered. He loves the feel of soft things and eating clotted cream and jam with the scones which Amherst brings as gifts. This is what led Amherst to fall in love with and eventually marry Springhill, because Springhill's frequent visits made him begin to feel attraction towards him.

Springhill loves to sniff grass and go foraging for blueberries, because they are the berry of his home province. He often then makes these into fresh blueberry jam to eat with Amherst's scones and give a jar of some to him as a token of their profound love for each other.