Swift Current Elmwood is a character from the first season of Canadian Boys. In-universe, he is best known as the presenter of the popular TV show That Canadian Thing, which blends quizzes and comedy.

Biology Edit

Swift Current is a 30-year-old man of White English and one-eighth First Nations (Cree) Canadian descent. He has Vandyke-brown hair and dark blue eyes. He wears a red-and-white flag outfit with sparkling red and silver glitter legwarmers sewn onto the hems.

Swift Current works as a TV presenter and comedian, mainly on the quiz/chat/variety show That Canadian Thing. On that show, he tests his guests on things that have been happening in Canada during the past week with lighthearted quizzes, chats with them and performs comedy routines. His most famous are dancing on a table - which he often does in front of his guests - and pretending to be lazy, flopping his arms weakly.

Personality Edit

Humour comes naturally to Swift Current, being a comedian.