Tatamagouche Tattrie is a character in the Canadian Boys in-universe documentary/drama TV series A Nova Scotian Way of Life.

Biology Edit

Tatamagouche is a 14-year-old boy of White English Canadian and one-eighth First Nations (Mi'kmaq) ethnicity. He has brown hair and dark hazel eyes. He wears a deep-red jacket with a bright red collared shirt underneath, a pair of dark red shorts over brick-red trousers tied with a burgundy sash, and black sandals. He wears a red Tim Horton's cap and a ruby-red badge with 'Hope' written on it, which reflects his hometown's connection to the Tim Horton Children's Camp.

Personality Edit

Tatamagouche has a very cheerful disposition and a heart of gold. Loving to help out people in need and give to good causes, he is a regular at fundraising events, such as 'fun runs', sport days and tea parties. He is never in it for money or victory, but rather for the sake of participation and the uplifting sensation of giving. Tatamagouche says his ultimate dream is to make the world a better place to live, with people from all walks of life coming and working together in peace and unity.

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Trivia Edit

  • Tatamagouche's charitable nature and Tim Horton's cap is due to his hometown being the site of the Tim Horton Children's Camp, which is a social enterprise helping disadvantaged children enjoy a fun break by the sea, set up by the famous Tim Horton's chain of Canadian coffee houses.
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