That Canadian Thing, stylized as That Canadian Thing! and sometimes abbreviated to TCT, is a comedy quiz/chat/variety TV show in the Canadian Boys universe. Presented by Swift Current since it began airing in 2010, the show has become essential Friday night TV viewing for the citizens of Canada looking to start off their weekend with some laughs. New episodes are shown on the COCBC Channel, with repeats on the LOL Channel.

Premise Edit

That Canadian Thing blends quizzes, stand-up or sit-down comedy and a chat show into one format. Every week, random celebrity guests are selected to come onto the panel; Swift Current will always be the presenter.

Segments Edit

What's Goin' On, Canada? Edit

The quiz section of the show, where the guests are tested on how much of the news from Canada they've been keeping track of for the past week. Questions are given in an open format (i.e. no multiple choice), and the guests must press their buzzer when they think they've got the answer. Sometimes a clipping from a newspaper or a short clip of news footage is displayed on the large screen immediately behind, but with any obvious clues edited out to avoid giveaways.

Stand-Up or Sit-Down Edit

Swift Current performs his distinctive brand of comedy on stage - or just sitting in his chair. The other guests and even members of the audience sometimes get involved, whether voluntarily or just becoming caught up in it. "Table dancing" and "fake laziness" are two of Swift Current's most famous routines, but occasionally he even sings a funny song - and everybody will join in.