Thunder Bay Simpson is a character in the first season of Canadian Boys.

Biology Edit

Thunder Bay is a 25-year-old man of White English Canadian and one-eighth First Nations (Iroquois) heritage. He has brown hair and electric blue eyes. He wears a mostly navy-blue outfit with some swathes of bright yellow, especially the large thunderbolt logo emblazoned on the left 'leg' of his trousers.

Thunder Bay has a biological condition which makes his body produce electricity whenever he moves about, which he has to discharge and recharge regularly, often shocking other people or causing power surges in doing so.

Personality Edit

Thunder Bay is rather brash and loudmouthed. His catchphrases often rhyme (in a similar manner to North Bay), such as "I'm Thunder Bay! Get outta my way!"

Trivia Edit

  • Thunder Bay's electric body and powers play on the 'thunder' part of his name, as thunder is the rumbling and roaring noise given out by lightning, a naturally electric weather phenomenon.