Toronto's Tale is a full-length biopic movie. Released in June 2011, it is the first movie in the Canadian Boys franchise.

Premise Edit

The movie charts the life of Toronto, a budding music student who will later (within the Canadian Boys timeline) shoot to stardom. His parents, Napanee and Deseronto, support him at every milestone, from choosing his preferred career path up to making an instantaneous hit with his debut album.

Plot Edit

At junior high school, Toronto, a budding musician, chooses to take the musical route in his studies. In his journal, he's always jotting down potential song lyrics as soon as he hears the melody in his mind. During his music lessons, he experiments with the various instruments to find harmonies. When he's out and about, he hums and sings tunes out loud so everybody, including his own parents, can hear him. Luckily, they're understanding and supportive of his life goals. Throughout the summer vacation, Toronto never stops practising, strumming on his guitar, writing down lyrics, singing to the mirror, and dancing in front of gathering crowds on the street.

On his freshman day at senior high school, Toronto is greeted by his excited fellow students, who says they heard him singing at the neighbourhood park bandstand. Glad at being noticed and appreciated, Toronto makes his way to his first lesson of the day - and the year.

At every opportunity he gets, Toronto applies for every instrument practice class and talent show he reads about, and sings out to gatherings of students and teachers - even in the cafeteria at the height of the lunch rush. They film him on their video cameras, and his performances are put on the school stage to roaring crowds - and newfound enamoured fans.

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Trivia Edit

  • This movie marks the first appearance of Toronto as a child and teenager in the series. His parents also appear suitably younger in these appearances, not wearing glasses or having grey streaks in their hair due to aging.
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