Trenton Allen is a new character in Canadian Boys.

Biology Edit

Trenton is a 31-year-old man of White English Canadian heritage. He has platinum steel-pink hair and light grey eyes, which is unusual for a man in his early 30s. This eye and hair colour combination matches up with his occupation as a steelworker, as does his bright orange undershirt and burnt-orange overalls (which represent the appearance of molten steel at hotter temperatures). The black hems and soles of his suit and hard leather boots represent dark iron ore, from which he extracts iron to make into steel.

Trenton has a burn scar on his right hand from when he first worked with molten steel, and luckily he avoided burning his fingers off before any more damage could be done. He says that this serves as a reminder of how dangerous working with molten steel can be.

Personality Edit

Trenton is very hardy. He can tolerate long hours of work and shows bravery in dangerous situations, which are boons to a steelworker like him. Since burning his hand the first time working with molten steel, he has undergone intensive training to ensure he or his fellow steelworkers do not have to suffer the same ordeal as he did. He is wary of danger and will never hesitate to make a potential threat to life known and dealt with as soon as possible.

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Trivia Edit

  • Trenton's surname, Allen, is derived from 'Allen key', a tool in the shape of a letter 'L' made from steel which is used to turn Allen screws into a hole to secure a fixing in place. Considering that Allen keys are made from steel and Trenton is a steelworker, this fits their utilitarian use perfectly.
  • The town of Trenton, Nova Scotia, which he is named after, is the first recorded place of the pouring of molten steel in North America. Its industries are heavily concentrated on steel (TrentonWorks Ltd.), tyre manufacture (Michelin) and electricity generation (Nova Scotia Power). The town has obtained the popular moniker of 'Steeltown' due to steel being so important in its founding, and its Gaelic name, Baile na Stàilinn, even literally means 'town of steel'. An arm striking a steel beam with a hammer along with the town's motto, "Strike while the iron is hot" (obviously referring to hardened steel) is adopted as the town's official seal.