Tri-City Beam, in full Tri-City Beam Special and sometimes informally referred to as the TCB, is a powerful special attack in the 2017 Canadian Boys video game Freddy for Action. It can be unleashed by Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver after meeting certain requirements (detailed below) for a massive deal of damage.

Requirements Edit

To be able to use Tri-City Beam, all three party members:

  • Must be at full health
  • Must be at least level 20 or above
  • Must possess their special Gemstone in their personal inventory

Execution Edit

When all the above requirements are met, Tri-City Beam can be activated by:

  1. Selecting any one of the three main party members
  2. Selecting the special personal Gemstone icon beside the available moves
  3. Selecting the Tri-City Beam icon which appears in the Gemstone's place

An animated cutscene of Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver posing themselves in preparation will play out:

  • Toronto strikes a sassy, stylish pose which bears more than a passing resemblance to the pose he strikes in the Canadian Apparel music video.
  • Montreal becomes determined and slowly raises his arms and right leg, somewhat like a karate or judo fighter.
  • Vancouver will simply give an embarrassed smile and scratch the back of his head.

Once the trio fuse all their collective strengths and powers, they will unleash a devastating triple-coloured beam that wreaks huge amounts of damage to one or more opponents. The average damage caused is 150 HP, but this may be increased or decreased due to elemental matchups and some attributes imposed on the party or enemies.


Trivia Edit

  • When encountering his parents, Toronto will sometimes be asked about how he's dealing with the city's onslaught. He replies: "I just keep cool and calm. Nothing a good TCB can't take down!" This is a clear reference to the move.
  • The average damage dealt by Tri-City Beam, 150 HP, may be a reference to Canada's 150th year of Confederation.