Vancouver's Married Nightmare is a Canadian Boys short released in 2017.

Premise Edit

Vancouver has a dream where he marries his long-time girlfriend Victoria. Although it may sound like the ultimate culmination of their deeply-entrenched love for each other, Vancouver secretly fears commitment and the extra burden placed upon Victoria caring for him as a husband.

Plot Edit

At the breaking of dawn, Vancouver is fast asleep on top of his bed as opposed to in it, fully clothed (including his shoes). He suddenly begins to twitch about, indicating that he is starting to dream.

In his dream, Vancouver is finally going to tie the knot with Victoria, his long-time faithful girlfriend. Although for many people this would be the happiest day of their lives, Vancouver seems uneasy about making a (mostly) permanent commitment to caring for his wife-to-be in times of need. Victoria carries a bouquet of white roses which she will throw back to her bridesmaids after she's become married. The congregation tosses grains of white rice into the air in celebration as Vancouver and Victoria stroll hand-in-hand down the aisle. At the altar, the priest greets the soon-to-be-married couple, and begins on his sermon. While Victoria listens, Vancouver becomes dazed by the priest rambling on, beginning to slip into a daydream-like state.

Vancouver is snapped out of his trance by the priest reading out the marriage vows, which Victoria repeats after him. Vancouver turns to face Victoria, the two holding hands again, and they slip their wedding rings onto each others' fingers. The diamonds gleam with the sunlight filtering through the church's stained-glass windows, and the priest asks if they will each take each other to be their lawfully wedded, and Victoria says she does. Vancouver hesitates, but he says he does too.

The priest proclaims Vancouver and Victoria to be husband and wife, and tells Vancouver he may now kiss Victoria as the bride. He hesitates again, but he works up courage and begins to make a move on his newlywedded wife.

Just as his lips touch Victoria's, Vancouver is woken with a sudden jolt. He catches sight of Victoria (in her usual outfit) at the end of the bed, calling him out. Vancouver apologizes for daydreaming again, and talks about his dream marriage to Victoria. Smiling sweetly, she replies that'll happen when they're a little older and wiser, and hands Vancouver his favourite mug of tea so he can wake himself up more. Victoria tells Vancouver she made his breakfast downstairs. Vancouver sniffs out the warm, baked aroma of freshly-popped toast in the air, and he heads for the kitchen with his ever-lovingly loyal girlfriend.

Characters Edit

  • Vancouver
  • Victoria
  • The priest (in Vancouver's dream)
  • The church congregation (in Vancouver's dream)