Westville Cowan is a character in the Canadian Boys in-universe documentary/drama TV series A Nova Scotian Way of Life, popularly abbreviated to ANSWOL.

Biology Edit

Westville is a 15-year-old boy of White English Canadian heritage. He has brown hair and light hazel eyes. He works as a potato cultivator, growing potatoes in the rich, moist soils of fields around the city. He gets very wet and dirty doing his job, so he often dresses in rainwear, like a waterproof coat, hat and gumboots.

Personality Edit

Westville is a cheerful young boy who loves rain and doesn't mind getting dirty from top to toe. If the weather forecast predicts some drizzle, showers or a downpour, he becomes excited and starts to jump around happily in the soggy mud and puddles, knowing that his potato crops will achieve top growth. He says that he has always dreamed of feeling the warm, gooey sensation of mud on his bare skin, which was achieved when the entire cast of ANSWOL went on a day-trip to a mud park high up in the mountains which tower over the city. Unfortunately for Westville, this can sometimes result in misunderstandings, where people think he's talking about excrement and not mud. Rightly so, he will become shocked and have to quickly correct them.

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