Winnipegosis Dauphin is a character from the first season of Canadian Boys. He is the father of Winnipeg.

Biology Edit

Winnipegosis is a 26-year-old man of White English Canadian and one-eighth First Nations (Cree) heritage. He has brown hair decorated with red ribbons and dark reddish-brown eyes made up with red mascara. Winnipeg is his son.

Personality Edit

In stark contrast to Edmonton, Calgary's father, Winnipegosis is more serious and gets angry more easily due to Winnipeg's disobedience. He displays raw strength when he punishes Winnipeg, usually by whipping him with a belt or smacking him with his meaty hands, and he seemingly feels sadistic satisfaction and pleasure on seeing his poor young son in suffering. He only ever comforts him if he is upset by something or somebody else.

Though it may seem that on the surface Winnipegosis treats Winnipeg cruelly and shows no sympathy for him, he really does care for his little son. Winnipegosis says he feels "blessed" to have Winnipeg as his child, calling him his "dear little one".

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