Yarmouth Clements is a character in the Canadian Boys in-universe drama/documentary TV series A Nova Scotian Way of Life, popularly abbreviated to ANSWOL. He is the best friend, and now fiancé, of Truro.

Biology Edit

Yarmouth is a 26-year-old man of White Acadian descent, though he mostly speaks English. He has brown hair and light hazel eyes. He wears a bright yellow collared shirt and golden-yellow knee-length shorts with white frills and a pair of suspenders clipped on, black gillie shoes with white cotton socks inside, and a lemon-yellow cap decorated with a golden feather.

Yarmouth has been best friends with Truro, another young man of Acadian heritage, since they were both very young. A lot more recently, however, it has been blossoming into something a lot more romantic, and Yarmouth is often seen holding hands with Truro or giving him gentle kisses. He is now engaged to Truro, and they will be marrying in the summer.

Personality Edit

Like his best friend and fiancé Truro, Yarmouth shows great enthusiasm for trying new things. He loves to play games with Truro, especially catch - a game between the two can last hours.

Gallery Edit

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